Sunday, 5 October 2008

New Jewellery At Simple Blessings

We have been very busy recently.... adding lots of new items to the web site! Simple Blessings have decided to expand their range of products and include some beautiful religious jewellery. The items are exceptional quality, offering a lovely selection of sterling silver, 9ct Gold and Urban Steel Jewellery. We have decided to offer many of the unique designs to enable our customers a wide range of Christian jewellery.  

The Men's Urban Steel Jewellery is already a huge hit! The unique designs are very popular with our male customers and every comment has been very positive. We are hoping to expand this range even further during the winter months, so keep checking back often for some exciting new designs. 

The Sterling Silver items are also extremely popular, especially the Angel Pendant. It was a favourite at Simple 
Blessings, we all loved the design and hoped you would too. It seems you all do, and we're delighted you are enjoying the new products on sale.

If the jewellery items continue to be as popular as they are, we hope to expand our range even further and offer a larger choice to our customers. You can never have enough jewellery in my opinion. Let's hope the jewellery range continues to grow and new items are added each month!

Talking of things growing, I have been overwhelmed by the kind responses and emails to our Handmade Rosaries. The rosary selection is continually 'growing' and expanding each month thanks to our positive customer feedback and comments.  Thank you all SO much. Our resident artisan has been glowing with happiness after reading the beautiful comments customers have kindly bestowed upon her and the rosary designs. We hope to offer her work for
many years to come and she hopes their individuality and unique design will uplift your heart as you pray each day on the loving designs.

We hope to offer many new rosary beads, religious jewellery items, religious key rings and medals throughout the year. Our rosary selection is constantly growing, and as such we've had to add new categories just to fit them all in! We hope you can find everything you need for every day prayer and meditation. It's a blessings to serve you all.

Until next time, take care and God bless, 
All our love, The Simple Blessings Team

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